Better Sleep with Guided Meditation

March 6, 2019

Jenny Light leads a guided meditation for sleep and the importance of self programming the subconscious mind prior to sleep:

  • for the type of dream experience you'd like to have, just like selecting a movie
  • how to dispose of busy mind-stuff effectively
  • when to waken up. 

This recording is not to be undertaken unless you are in a safe place and time for sleep (such as not driving or operating heavy machinery).

Using Alternate Nostril Breath, Mantra & Meditation: I am not the Physical Body

March 5, 2019

This meditation is on discharging physical and energetic toxins as 'static' into the earth. Become negatively charged as you release positive ions (free radicals), equally left and right. Visualise the spine as a staff of light as you perform Alternate Nostril Breathing using a mudra to open and close one nostril at a time. Then using the mantra So Ham in rhthym with the breath as a training in how to rise above distractions and minor irritations as you learn to school the breath. Use the practice to go beyond the physical into the pure effervescent joy of living. Experience yourself as other than the physical vehicle.

Pranayama: Refining the Quality of the Breath

February 1, 2019

This pranayama (breath practice) is on using the breath to refine our inner experience. It's a meditation on the breath, focusing on developing a finer attunement to the exhale. Jenny leads you to visualise smoothing or stroking down the length of a silk ribbon during the exhalation, ironing out any bumps or raggedness in the breath. The breath is the bridge into the inner states of being. This meditation, while working on the physical breath, starts to help you develop awareness of the finer astral fibres and removing karmic knots.

Realising the Essential Nature of the Soul

January 20, 2019

Who are you? The physical body? Or much more that that? How can you know who you are? This guided meditation is on waking up to you as the essential Self. You are the soul beyond the physical and more subtle bodies of the astral and causal, simply dreaming this temporal existence and untouched by life's changes. Jenny leads you to turn inwards through meditation to quieten the mind and move beyond the external and realise your true Self as emancipated from the limited identification with the physical and subtle bodies.

Going within: a Guided Meditation on Silence

January 10, 2019

Develop your inner stillness and attunement to the quiet within through a guided meditation on silence. Jenny leads you to listen intently behind the 'static', white noise of silence to the rhythym of life within it. This practice helps you build an inner silence so that even when you are in externally busy circumstances, this is lasting. You learn that by building an resilient inner quiet, it becomes your unshakeable reality, even whilst participating in your worldly roles.

Inner Peace: The Path of Yoga

December 31, 2018

A guided meditation on Peace as the essential nature of the soul, realisable when veils of sensory distractions and karmic tendencies are stripped away through meditation. The path of yoga uses specific, time-honoured techniques, such a pranayama, mantra, mind-training & meditation to take us beyond the illusory reality into the peace-filled nature of the soul. Jenny leads an inward-turning consciousness as a dot of light within a great sphere of consciousness.

For your safety, please do not listen to my podcasts while driving or operating machinery. In downloading my podcasts, you agree that you have read and understood this advisement and will listen responsibly.

Pranayama: Gentleness as a Spiritual Quality

December 31, 2018

Gentleness as a higher stream of consciousness, with extracts from 'Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhgavad Gita' by Jenny Light (Mantra Books 2019). Learn how to control the breath to comb out knots of karma and refine the quality of the breath to roast karmic seed tendancies in a spiritual fire, one gentle breath at a time. Jenny leads a guided breath practice of 'cutting the inhale' and developing a long, smooth exhale.

For your safety, please do not listen to my podcasts while driving or operating machinery. In downloading my podcasts, you agree that you have read and understood this advisement and will listen responsibly.