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Yoga Philosophy, Guided Meditation & Pranayama with author & yoga teacher, Jenny Light. Jenny had a kundalini awakening as a child, has dived deeply into yoga for 50 years and teaches yogic meditation in the UK. Her books: 'Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita' (Mantra books 2019) & 'Living Lightly: a Journey through CFS (ME)' (Ayni Books 2016), are available on Amazon. She writes for popular MindBodySpirit magazines and is an active blogger. Jenny lives in the rolling hills of Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Tuesday Dec 08, 2020

Join Jenny for this seasonal upliftment meditation being bathed in the Christ star above the head, charging up the spiritual star on the brow and resting star light in the heart. Jenny guides you in extending the exhale to cleanse the bodily star : hands, feet and head. 27 minutes of bliss!

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

Jenny encourages us to stick our courage to the sticking place during this pandemic and not give in to fear and negativity. She leads a guided meditation to become like the lily above the waters of delusion (maya) and float your consciousness on the surface, basking in spiritual sunlight: courageousness and positivity boosts physical and mental well-being.

Thursday Sep 17, 2020

For the International Day of Peace (21st September), Jenny guides you to manufacture peace within. Through the So Ham Mantra and a guided meditation on the blue tube of light in the astral spine, be enfolded in a sublime experience of Peace.
'In order for there to be peace in the world we must first find that peace within.' Jenny Light

Bubble of Eternity Meditation

Thursday Aug 20, 2020

Thursday Aug 20, 2020

Jenny softly guides you to withdraw from the strains of daily life, floating as gossamer light as a seed. Receive nurture from the Divine Mother, floating as a bubble in the vastness of Eternity. Finally bring positive change  in your life by selecting your own affirmation to manifest a strong quality in your life: I AM ..........

Inner Clarity and Healing

Wednesday Jul 15, 2020

Wednesday Jul 15, 2020

Jenny leads a yoga breathing practice of Ujjayi (warrior breath) with silver light as a cleanser of crown, throat and heart chakras. Become the love of a mother, expressing caring, forgiveness and joy. Visualisation: receive divine healing in a heavenly garden and the freedom as a little child.

Wednesday Jun 10, 2020

Jenny's soothing words in response to recent world events #blacklivesmatter in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood across the earth and releasing any beliefs that limit our consciousness. She leads a breath practice and guided meditation to hand over The Bag of Limitations to a higher stream of consciousness.

Friday Mar 13, 2020

Jenny leads a discourse on the path of self-discipline which leads to soul freedom and the importance of laying olive branches of self-kindness. There is no merit in being all sweetness and light to others but beating yourself up for not being good enough. Pink Cloud Meditation to discard a 'garment of not good enough' which hides the light of your beautiful  soul within. Finish by spreading seeds of kindness to yourself and others.

Thursday Feb 13, 2020

You are unwittingly attracting spiritual challenges due to karma from previous lives. Adverse circumstances offer you give you an opportunity to overcome, forgive and let go of your 'issues'. In this podcast, you will face these challenges square on and even welcome them. Bring stability by using a pranayama square breath. In this empowering guided meditation to find soul release, you will pluck out the seeds of adversity in your spiritual garden and plant seeds of positivity and courage. 

Monday Jan 13, 2020

Resolve to break the perpetual cycle of old karmic patterns of behaviour and discover inner stillness. Practise the balancing effect of Alternate Nostril Breath (Nadi Shodanum) and So Ham mantra to bring a cooling wind through the brain and stillness on the lake of the mind.  Jenny leads a powerful cleansing meditation on a flood of light through the crown chakra (sahasrara) to distil the Essence of Stillness. 

Developing Dynamic Health

Friday Dec 13, 2019

Friday Dec 13, 2019

Worrying about your health? Don't give power to the negative. Rise your consciousness to a higher vibration using a breath focus, the powerful So Ham mantra, affirmation and a guided meditation to eradicate health concerns and attune to the Divine healing vibration through the crown chakra. Align to positive thinking and cultivate unshakeable faith in your body's health.

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